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The Revolution Of Domain Names Has Already Started

Many millions of new domain names have already been registered.

They are used by start-ups, professionals, organizations, small businesses and large corporations to present themselves on the Internet.

Even if these kinds of domains are still new, they are visited more and more for daily use by the Internet community and are valued as an alternative to .com, .net, .org or other domain extensions.

Companies Using New Domain Names

  • Largest 2018 blockchain startup Block One is on Block.One

  • Financial venture Swarm Fund is on Swarm.Fund

  • 5th largest cryptocurrency Chain Link is on Chain.Link

  • Alphabet (parent of Google) uses as its home page

  • Apple has baked the domain into iOS

  • and many, many more

Celebrities and Professional Athletes
Using New Domain Names

Special Use Cases

Sold Premium Domain Names In Action

The domains above are a small selection from a much larger number of companies that are already using the new generation of domains.

Large Corporations Using Their Own New Domain Names

The domain names above are only examples from the portfolio of developed websites by the companies mentioned.