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Premium domains are short, memorable names that are valuable search keywords or meaningful, brandable business identifiers.
Put a spotlight on your brand with a name that expands your reach, attracts new customers and is a valuable digital real estate.

With premium domains, you will get more visibility and natural traffic, improve your online reputation and make an
essential investment in your brand.
Securing a premium domain name is the first step to establishing an authoritative presence in the competitive Internet world.

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These premium domains are top level domains (ie. Understanding that a .com is just a .net, a is just a, and so on). You get, you get the exact URL you paid for, but then you get even more info. These are machine readable URLs so you can see what the machine sees as well as what it sees. They essentially get "moved up the hill" so to speak. Once they get to a certain level of Page Rank, they will be viewed by search engines differently. The trick here is to get to the top of the machine, and to keep it. Be creative!

It doesn't matter what you are selling. If you are an affiliate program, this is a great way to make money with no fault of your own.

Keep in mind that it is going to take a lot of backlinks to rank well on Google. Once you hit page 1, which is where your main traffic is, you will need to boost your referral links (ie. links to your site that are also included in the navigation structure).

Ranking on the first page of search engines is hard work. It is often composed of a horizontal bar, called search results. You need to find a exact combination of keywords to perfectly categorize your site and generate traffic to it. That is why most people fail at this method so quickly - because it takes so much time and effort, as well as knowing what you are doing.

One of the main problems we face are clients who know nothing about SEO, or clients who have hired the wrong SEO person or company. The wrong person may mean that you get x amount of visitors to your site per month, but they could mean that you get a lot of visitors to your site and then no one buys anything at all. You need to find out what your potential clients are searching for on the internet to put it nicely - and then to educate yourself enough to be able to get their communication about the services you are offering, without pushing them into yet another company that specializes in search engine optimization.

You should always look at your website as the club of where would you want to end up if things were to change at any time, - and that's definitely what has happened to me. I left one of my clients because I just could notbuly integrate his particular keywords into his site. I understood that he needed the traffic, but I needed it sooner than later. This was a lesson learned about heavily - one that I just couldn't accept. I started to focus more on what he needed, than what I wanted. It was only after he invested a little more into understanding the basics, that he started to tell me exactly what he would want me to do regarding his site.

I started to take his ideas and I implemented them. I went from writing dem Afterburner articles, to giving him detailed articles about his market, his products, and his market in general. I incorporated the keywords into the name of the article, I went from writing 20 articles in one week to writing 4 or 5 articles in one day. I also integrated a keyword into the body of the article - usually I'd include my main keyword into the SEO after the body. Doing this greatly improved his search engine rankings for the keywords he was already ranking well for. He started to see the results and has since noticed a lot of difference in search engine rankings, traffic to his client site and ultimately, sales.

This client however started to see significant improvement in after his rankings were ranked on Google, Yahoo, and MSN. He sees that there is now way more traffic on the site. He also noticed that the traffic is now more targeted. The difference in search engine results between using generic keywords and using key-phrases has flip flops, which he attributes to the fact that " Deploying generic keywords gives Google a broader mission". he explains. "Aald sparing key-phrases will cause web traffic to come to a crawller, not because they are more relevant to your site, butbecause they are more relevant to the search." he says.

My recommended step here is to find your top key-phrases for each of your primary pages and rank them vs. the rest of your key-phrases. After you rank them, create a funnel of links to those pages. Mistakes often come when link numbers are not organized well.

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